Sunday, October 11, 2009

With a smile like this guy...

Last night's open mic was a success. I programmed music onto a Commodore 64 emulator (in itself a huge task) and played bass alongside. I had a lot of people tell me they liked it, which is great. I will try to record an album hopefully over break.

"So you used a computer" you ask. "what's that got to do with this blog?"

Well, sir, along with audio performances, there were some guys in the back projecting video pieces to go with the music. I saw them use old NES systems, something I think called a PMP, Commodore 64, and I think an Amiga 800. very cool.

Having a little background in Processing now, I spent some time in the back and tried to figure out how they organized the programs in terms of code. I dont have any video examples right now, but it was very cool to see them work. An interesting thing they did was for live performances (as far as I could figure) they would code and program image and pattern, then dedicate them to shortcut keys on a keyboard. They then blend it together with a video mixer which looks like a box with buttons, a joystick and sliders.

video update on my personal progress was help up yesterday. I have the update, it's just a matter of dumping it onto the youtube and blog.


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