Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pulse Czech

In my quest to make a lo-fi synth percussion rig, I found out about, and now want to make this:

Also I learned that:

*In a circuit diagram, a single IC may appear in several times, but is identified by [an individual IC number] / [total number of that IC in a diagram]

*looking at where the leads go, there may be a number indicating which pin of that IC it is connected to

*Some circuits have a "+V", a "-V". and a Ground. DON'T PANIC!...This means (for batteries), one battery goes in with with the "+" lead going to "+V", a different battery battery goes in with with the "-" lead going to "-V", and the not-yet-connected batteries' terminals both go to ground.

*Just as some things require 2 different voltages, sometimes they need to have 2 different polarity

*If you are, say, building a pedal that is taking in +9V from a wall wort but needs +4.5V, and -4.5V, you will need to build a stage that splits the voltage and converts it from +9v to the two different ones.

Mostly this post is just affirmation that I'm still alive, but up to come is a re-entry into Processing, and trying to make art with large PCB board etchings. It's the most electrically inspired work I've reall done in a while.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Losing my Religion
this saturday
I try out an 8-bit REM cover

be there

Pic related

hung out with the geeks at the Hive last night. It's fun to listen to people talk about code, language, platforms, logic and programming and feeling totally lost in the discussion. One day I'll be in there talking about it with them, but for now I enjoy it aesthetically. Listening to English and being perfectly ignorant to the content. I'm finally getting the help I need... one member helped me begin breadboarding the diagram and when I finish work, I'm gonna fire it up and see what happens. Also, the source's blog is really cool.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Instruction Than You Can Shake A BankStick At...

For anyone interested (and reading this) I would highly recommend joining me for Hive76's 5-session weekly course on electronics. It look's like it's gonna be really good, and unfathomably economical. Speaking of low-cost instruction, I was recently shown MIT's archive of college courses available on transcript and even lecture-long video! To me, this show's an already highly-regarded university's dedication to making knowledge accessible to anyone. So here's that good stuff. Finally, there's this little read someone sent me. it's an essay on the commonalities of hackers and... painters.