Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fiddlesticks and PoppyCOCK!

So after limping away from yesterday's update, I sent a message to VBLANK who got me started in Processing. Dissatisfied with the online tutorial, I needed a better guide.

so besides a pretty picture, today's image is the cover of the book I just ordered. He "HIGHLY recommend"ed it as a resource so I HASTILY went for expedited shipping.

Candy: here's a link to a granular synthesizer

a what?

a granular synthesizer! simply put, it samples a bit of sound and lets you break it down into smaller pieces or "granules" like grains of sound. you can process the sound in big bits, small, and...well... just play the darn thing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

shitty update

This update is pretty weak. I've been having problems with Dreamweaver and uploading for a while, but I've found an alternative! should let me host processing stuff because it's specifically designed to do that.
I WANTED to have an animation by the end of this week. Didn't happen. but I can show you a self Portrait. below is the code. I'll present the finished piece in class
No more BS after today
size (280, 350);
fill (254, 255, 67);
rect (100, 50, 80, 80); //hair
fill (255, 245, 219);
rect (115, 70, 50, 60); //head
rect (80, 130, 20, 20); //L arm
rect (60, 70, 20, 60); //L arm
rect (180, 150, 20, 60); //R arm
rect (150, 265, 20, 40); //R leg
rect (110, 265, 20, 40); //L leg
fill (0, 0, 0);
rect (125, 90, 10, 10); //L eye
rect (145, 90, 10, 10); //R eye
line (125, 80, 135, 80); //L brow
line (145, 80, 155, 80); //R brow
fill (2, 152, 3);
rect (80, 130, 20, 20); //L arm
rect (180, 130, 20, 20); //R arm
rect (100, 130, 80, 90); //body
fill (20, 23, 67);
rect (100, 210, 35, 55); //L pant
rect (145, 210, 35, 55); //R pant
rect (100, 210, 80, 25); //pants
fill (103, 44, 5);
rect (105, 305, 30, 10); //L shoe
rect (145, 305, 30, 10); //R shoe

Friday, September 18, 2009


After some pains and a crash in dreamweaver, I am able to post examples of work in Processing.
unfortunately, I don't know how to embed into the blog yet, so this link is sufficient for now

tracks mouse movement
clicking resets the window

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is a Test

Tonight's goal is to successfully post examples of the following files on here:
Any song file

With any luck, I do some damage.

UPDATE: How the hell do you use java?!
As incentive to keep you here, I'm also posting goodies. Stuff that you can try when I find out about it or if I remember.

Today, the phrase that pays is "visualizing sound".
First up is a lecture from Kevin Grant about making sound visible. very cool

Next up is a cool little program called Photosounder. You can use it to translate image into sound (or vice versa).
it's been done before (by Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, and others) but it's still cool. freeware, of course.

courtesy of Matrixsynth.

First Post

Welcome to the page. I'm running with what I started this summer. I started investigating "old technology" seriously to start writing music. So what I know right now is a complicated program called Goattracker, which can play the Commodore 64's SID synthesizer chip (if you know what you're doing). Right now I only have saved song files of the emulator.

Onto this page itself. I want to incorporate computer programming into my work, so I will start with a program called "Processing" and run with it and see where it takes me. Processing can create images, animation, interactive games, and other cool programs. Hopefully I can show something cool every week and show some stuff I've found that interests me.

If you're still here after that long-winded writing, stick around.