Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pulse Czech

In my quest to make a lo-fi synth percussion rig, I found out about, and now want to make this:

Also I learned that:

*In a circuit diagram, a single IC may appear in several times, but is identified by [an individual IC number] / [total number of that IC in a diagram]

*looking at where the leads go, there may be a number indicating which pin of that IC it is connected to

*Some circuits have a "+V", a "-V". and a Ground. DON'T PANIC!...This means (for batteries), one battery goes in with with the "+" lead going to "+V", a different battery battery goes in with with the "-" lead going to "-V", and the not-yet-connected batteries' terminals both go to ground.

*Just as some things require 2 different voltages, sometimes they need to have 2 different polarity

*If you are, say, building a pedal that is taking in +9V from a wall wort but needs +4.5V, and -4.5V, you will need to build a stage that splits the voltage and converts it from +9v to the two different ones.

Mostly this post is just affirmation that I'm still alive, but up to come is a re-entry into Processing, and trying to make art with large PCB board etchings. It's the most electrically inspired work I've reall done in a while.

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