Friday, November 13, 2009

I've emailed some fellow geeks who might be able to help me or get me the help that I need. Also tried to contact the college of engineering, thus far with no replies. Looked into Jitter and supercollider, but I don't have the time to learn the language. I'm getting desperate to realize this ^&*(ing thing but I have nowhere left to go so I'm pretty nervous

A flow chart for the piece is as follows:
-there is to be a projector stationed at the wall opposite the room entrance, projecting a white background except for a computer-rendered animated drawing of a bug (I'm writing the code for it currently). there will be no other light source
-the bug will scurry around the white background until the second part of the program is triggered.
-there will be white object near the middle of the room with small text on it. I haven't decided what the text is yet, but the purpose of the object is to make the viewer stop walking in the space, which triggers the second program.
-a video camera is processing motion in the gallery. when the camera input detects that motion has stopped in the gallery space by tracking the contrast of shadows in the space, the bug will run offscreen and the projector will expand the shadow until the projection is blank.
-the gallery will remain blank for five minutes, at which point the program will reset.

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