Saturday, November 14, 2009

A swarm of birds

So this is the result of thousands of birds flying in a close space. What does it have to do with computerlogik? Well, amigo, besides having experienced something like this on a far smaller scale, I find it very interesting that computer programs can render imagery similar to this using math functions and code.

It also had me thinking about the multi-thousand-strong unwitting collaboration of these birds doing normal bird things and how our perception of the event transforms it into something magic. What is our impact on the digital world? Do our little deletions and tiny programs go forgotten when they are released or do the band together? What would they look like and how would they respond to us, their rejecting creators, if they made contact? It sounds like something out of Ghost in the Shell, but it is a serious pondering. If a dog can find it's way home over a long distance and trash groups together into massive islands in the ocean, who's to say our data, our artificial intelligence is incapable of the same?

also I like listening to The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight while watching this

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