Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A series of failures

So I bombed the open mic. The sound system sounded way different and distorted (unmonitored) from my perspective. so I fumbled through my 3 minutes. Next time: splitter from computer output; one output to soundboard, the other to noise-canceling headphones.

Talked to Wil, who's been a guide in Processing. More or less in his words, " you want it done by the end of the semester?! That's not gonna happen." So I've got to figure out something for the final.

Trash80 and AnimalStyle killed it so at least that was a consolation.

Trying to help Angelo Vermeulen as best I can but the systems are fighting us! I share his frustrations. I'm going to try to get help from Soundteacher Jess about my programming woes.

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